“Lauren has been a great “go to” person for me over the years with my own health challenges and as I try to make a healthy lifestyle a regular thing at our house. Whenever I have any questions health or nutrition related, Lauren with Nutri-Savvy is always my first thought. Lauren offers sound advice based on sound evidence instead of going with the latest craze. I appreciate her healthy, family friendly recipes and tips. Lauren is very approachable and easy to work with. I cannot recommend Lauren strongly enough as you strive towards better health. Her advice is always realistic, sound, and doable.”

-Kathy Spencer Hannen

“Lauren O’Connor is one terrific and knowledgable nutritionist. I was diagnosed with a gluten-intolerance digestive issue about six months ago, and I sought her advise on how best to cope with this. She fed me a great deal of knowledge in one session on best diets and eating choices for me.
I have been following her recommendations and feel so much better and confident on how best to deal with my circumstances. Most importantly on how to shop and read and understand food products ingredients labels.
We need to clone more of her to go around…”

-Oliver Shokouh

“Lauren, I enjoyed talking with you, such wonderful insights to my diet! I have to say, it was truly wonderful speaking with you. I felt as though the message you meant to deliver was presented in a way that was congruent with that message (balanced, clear, and mindful). All values I will now incorporate into my diet.”

– Elizabeth Burklo


Here’s what Health Industry professionals have to say about Lauren O’Connor:

“I’ve had the great opportunity to work with Lauren O’Connor on different projects.
She is a remarkable and knowledgeable professional who is up to date on the most relevant topics
regarding nutrition, and excels at applying this knowledge to real life. O’Connor can easily provide
input from dos and don’ts diet guidelines for menopause to how to make a yummy and healthy
on-the-go snack in no time. “

— Marta Montenegro, MF, MS, CSCS, SFN, NSCA-CPT
Exercise Physiologist | Fitness Nutrition Specialist | Lifestyles Consultant
Adjunct Professor in Exercise & Sports Sciences at FIU 


“Lauren is one of my go-to experts for my articles and I was so happy to have her create the custom meal plan and nutrition section of my book, The Thin in 10 Weight Loss Plan. Her advice is always up to date, informative and above all else, realistic. As a Mom of twins, she understands that no one has time for hours in the kitchen making up restrictive, bland meals. I highly recommend her!”

— Jessica Smith, Certified Wellness Coach and Fitness Expert
Star of Best-Selling DVD series / host of JessicaSmithTV
Co-Author of The Thin in 10 Weight Loss Plan


“Lauren is incredibly savvy and fun! Her knowledge and creativity with food has inspired me so much
that we are now collaborating on multiple nutritious food projects. She’s my “go-to” Nutri-savvy gal!

A true pro and fun!!”

— Maura Knowles, Integrative Nutritionist – Healthy Lifestyle Coach
Owner/Founder of Mac-n-Mo’s
Public Speaker/Actress


“Lauren has a natural talent as an interviewer and researcher. Her writings reflect a detailed exploration of the subject and/or individual. Lauren’s style is based on scientific knowledge and personal experiences. She communicates effectively with her audience as a nutrition expert and a creative writer.

It is a pleasure working with Lauren as an editor and colleague.”

— Sandra Frank, Ed.D., RD, LDN
Editor, Dietitians-Online (http://www.dietitians-online.com)
and Wellness News (http://weighing-success.com/WellnessNews.html)



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