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Nutri-Savvy‘s Lauren O’Connor, MS, RD is a Registered Dietitian and mother of twin girls (Ailish & Julia) living in Los Angeles, CA. Her approach is teaching people to enjoy  the essence and flavors of fresh, wholesome, natural  foods:
“Savor, Taste & Enjoy Nutrition!!!”

  • Nutritional Consulting
  • Recipe Demos and Workshops
  • Meal Plans, Recipe Development and Nutritional Analysis 
  • Healthy Lifestyle Moderator
Picture 17Nutritional Consulting
Lauren O’Connor works directly with you to develop a food plan that is right for you. She helps you recognize your challenges, diminish your stumbling blocks and gives you a good understanding of what you need to build upon a healthy lifestyle that you can keep. With her guidance, you will build upon your strengths and use these toward your “Food-itude” advantage. You’ll discover the beauty of good-for-you foods with helpful recipes and tips for preparing your snacks and meals.

Additional Services include:

  • Grocery Store Tours
  • Menu and Meal Planning
  • Recipe Development

Recipe Demos and Workshops
Lauren O’Connor brings to the table her Foodie delight. She can show you (and let you experience) the delight in whole food nutrition with her simple and tasty dishes. She lets you discover with your senses the natural sweetness in a variety of fruits and vegetables (nuts and seeds) and provides delightful combinations that are not only satisfying, but also delish.

Meal Plans, Recipe Development  and Nutritional Analysis 
She provides simple, healthy recipes and meal plans for a health clinics, websites, publications and  promotional pieces. She’s worked with Natura Systems, C2/ONE Fitlabs, IVF health clinic, and has collaborated with Fitness Star Jessica Smith to create a healthful meal plan for weight loss success. Check out her contributions to “10 Pounds Down Meal Plan” (kindle edition) and “Thin in 10” — available on amazon.  If your company is interested in recipe development, please send an email with your specific requests. You can also DM her on Facebook or Twitter.

Healthy Lifestyle Moderator
Join Lauren O’Connor as she leads a group of individuals in a casual yet effective experience where you  “lunch and learn” as well as participate in a friendly, non-biased healthy-eating conversation: Engaging in moderated conversation, create and define goals, understand common pitfalls, and participate in guided team brainstorming session to build your healthy lifestyle (or bring it up a notch or two).

Health Writer
Lauren O’Connor is a writer/blogger with several bylines and mentions to her credit. See MEDIA section for her published work. If you are an editor or journalist and need a nutrition-related quote or article, please contact Lauren with a direct message to her Facebook or Twitter page. You can email Lauren directly at


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