Lauren O’Connor, MS, RD, is a registered dietitian and owner/nutritional consultant for Nutri-Savvy – a lifestyle program that re-kindles an intuitive sensory approach to food:  “Savor, Taste and Enjoy…Nutrition.” Lauren focuses on building healthy values and choosing a wide variety of foods, allowing for all foods – even sweets, in moderation. Specialties include healthy custom meal planning for individuals, families and companies; large and small. O’Connor is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

A nutritional expert, Lauren’s contributed to various media including abcnews, foxnews-latino, everydayheath, iVillage, Livestrong, Shape, Redbook, FitSugar and Multiples & More.


Lauren O’Connor, MS, RDN
(AKA Dorothy Lauren O’Connor, MS, RD)

CONTACT: 323-806-6420



Hum Nutrition, Mac-n-Mo’s, Nutritional Magnesium Association,
KidHealthy, Ruth’s Foods, Chosen Foods, FitKit




27 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Wow, Lauren,
    Your website looks great! And your babies are gorgeous. Congratulations on all of your achievements!
    My best,

    • Thank you, Elizabeth. Always trying to move forward and do good things. My girls are so much fun!! At 2 1/2 they have a lot to express and much energy to burn. We are sooo blessed. : )

      Lauren : )

  2. I knew I had been right. My friend and I placed a bet about which website was superior. I believed your webpage was much much better created, but she believed this post on trendy style ideas was much much better. We rounded up 5 family memebers who experienced not observed either web site prior to to read them each a lot more than. Majority chose your site. Many thanks for maintaing an excellent site.

  3. Hello! I came across your site via LinkedIn. You have some great ideas and everything is user friendly and well organized. As a fellow RD, I would definitely recommend your site to some of my patients. It’s filled with a chockfull of nutrition information that is accessible and entertaining. It’s inspiring to know that someone who graduated from my school (Cal State L.A.) is finding creative, innovative ways to reach the public and teach them how to live a healthier life. Keep up the good work, Lauren!

    • Thanks Milicent! What a compliment. Please do feel free to recommend my site with your patients. I do hope to have a website someday, but for now this is a great vehicle for my creativity, writing and passion for nutrition.

      Where do you work? When did you graduate from CSULA? I would love to connect with you via Facebook and Twitter.

      Keep in touch,
      Lauren : )

  4. What a great site! Your articles are informative and easy to follow, such a welcome treat from a few other Healthy Sites. I especially enjoyed the Travel Snacks Article. I signed up for your newsletter!!
    Thanks for sharing the wealth of info!

    • Thank you. Glad you like it! Any ideas/suggestions, greatly welcomed! BTW, Maura, I sent you an email message (actually 2, but forgot to change the subject header). Would love to hear your thoughts/ideas. KIT. : )

  5. Hi Lauran,

    Thanks for following me on twitter, I’m glad we connected and I found your blog. Looking forward to reading your posts. We actually use the same theme…great minds think alike!

    • Hi Rob,

      Interesting – great minds DO think alike! Will look forward to reading your posts as well. If you ever want to guest post here, that would be great. Do you accept guest posters on your blog? Would love to contribute if you do. Glad to connect! : )

      • I would be happy to guest post. I have two other’s contributing on my site but I have yet to have an actual “guest” post.

        How do you set up your guest posts bc I was under the assumption that unless you add someone as a contributor to your site posts by others would still have the site administrator’s byline? That is one thing I wish wordpress.com would change because I would like to have guest posts occasionally.

        Let me know! Thanks!

  6. Hi Lauren,

    Thanks for following me on twitter, I’m glad we connected and I found your blog. Looking forward to reading your posts. We actually use the same theme…great minds think alike!

    • Hi Rob,
      Re: guest posts. I’d have to check it out. Never knew that re: byline. Of course one could always just type it in the text box b/4 the article. Just a thought. I’ll have to look into that. Or you could become my bi-yearly or 4x yearly (or more) contributor. lol! But seriously I wouldn’t mind adding an expert contributor at some point just to add a little more variety to what I already have. I don’t know that I have a writing “style” per se, but would be nice to add another dietitian’s contribution. How do you add another admin by the way?

      Do you have a website as well? Thinking about hiring a web designer at some point in the near future.

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