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Published Articles

AZCentral Spices that are Good for Digestion (June 2013)

Chron Nutrition Healthy Lunches to Take to Work to Lose Weight (June 2013)

The Nest How to Cook for Healthy Healing (March 2013) 

SF Gate Healthy Fruits for Skin Care (February 2013)

Livestrong Beta Carotene & Healthy Skin (Jan 2013)

Diets In Review  4 Sure Fire Weight Loss Strategies to Keep You Satisfied (July 2012)

Diets In Review  BHA May Be Lurking in your Cereal, But is it Safe? (Feb. 2012)


H2O for Health “Healthy Holiday Tips” (Dec 2012)

Quotes & Mentions

Happy Healthy Halloween… –

Add These 3 Smoothies to Your Beauty

Make a Healthy Breakfast for Your Busy Family  –

Bon Appétit: How to Feed Your Baby RightRashtiandRashti Baby & Child

Shape Magazine

Nutrition Experts’ Favorite Brown-Bag Lunches (May 2013)

20 Nutrition Experts’ Favorite 5-Minute Meals (February 2013)

10 Low Calorie Halloween Treats (October 2012)

When More Calories is Better – slide 8 –    (Sept. 2012)

12 Brunch Orders Worse than a Steak Dinner Slides: 11, 12 (Aug. 2012)

Top 50 Fall Diet Foods for Weight Loss Slides: Broccoli Raabe, Oat Bran (Oct. 2011)

Top 50 Summer Diet Foods Slides: 11 (peaches), 24 (arctic char) (June 2011)

Top 50 Diet Foods for Weight Loss Slide 4 (March 2011)

Redbook & Fitness 

25 Snacks – Only 150 Calories (or Less!) Slides 5 – 19 (Jan. 2012)

The Best and Worst Foods to Include for Your Wedding Day (April 2012)

4 Genius Ways to Enjoy One of the Healthiest Foods

Burn Off Those Holiday Splurges (Nov. 2010)

Where Women Cook Magazine

Maura “Mo” Knowles feature (Sept. 2013)

iVillage Health

Which is Worse? Showdown in the Frozen Food Aisle (March 2011)

several slides

100 Sweet Treats Under 200 Calories! (Feb. 2011)

Intro. and Slides 15, 29, 51, 72, 77-79, 84, 87, 98, 99

100 Healthy Snacks Under 200 Calories (Oct. 2010)

Slide 48: Snack at Home: Yogurt Parfait

Fox Latino News


23 Healthy Salads Nutrition Experts Eat

The Right Foods at the Right Time

Huffington Post

9 Low-Calorie Mistakes You’re Probably Making (Sept. 2013)

Better for You, Health Magazine & Times Union
Always New You

Menopause Diet: Salmon over greens with lemon garlic dressing (March 2012)

How to Create Healthy Habits (Feb. 2012)

Tiny Green Mom, Multiples & More, Attune Foods and Raise Healthy Eaters

Featured Recipe: Raw Kale Salad with Lemon Tamari Dressing (Feb. 2012)

Keeping the Holidays Healthy a festive Quinoa Salad recipemaking potato dishes lighterand more…(Dec. 2010) 

Listen and Breathe – tips beyond the mat  — Attune Foods

Picky Eating (Part 5): 15 Sure-Fire Ways to Get your Kids to Eat Healthy (July 2010)

Kids Eat Right

Poor Baby’s Got a Cold
(May 2011)

Parenting, Everyday Health, Fit Sugar & Fitbie

Breast Milk Becoming a Popular Post Workout Bev – Gag! (May 2014)

3 Ways to Get Your Kids Eating Healthy (Jan. 2011)

Avoiding Diet Temptations When You’re Trying to Lose Weight (Dec. 2010)

Craving Sweets and Healthy Dessert Options. (Dec. reprint 2010)

Help! I’m trying to lose weight, but I’m hungry all the time (Dec. 2010)





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