The Greek Yogurt Diet #BookReview

Despite the overwhelming popularity of Greek Yogurt (a not-so-new food) and the numerous cookbooks on the subject, The Greek Yogurt Diet is definitely a book you should take the time to read. And not just for the delicious recipes, it’s got much more than that — sustenance you’ll want to digest.

Just thumbing through this book, I could see how the authors took good care in laying out their contents to not only engage the reader but drive the reader toward understanding / progressing into a solid, healthy weight loss plan including Greek Yogurt, overall diet and exercise. The authors have taken the careful time to research the essentials, benefits — utilizing  peer-reviewed studies to support the weight-loss potential behind this creamy eat.

THe Greek Yogurt Diet

TRY THIS: Greek Yogurt-containing Curried Chicken Salad, a recipe by Dr. Sonali Ruder, co-author of The Greek Yogurt Diet.

Dr. Sonali Ruder, a board certified Emergency Medicine physician, chef, recipe developer and food blogger, co-authored this engaging, informative book with Jo Brielyn, who isn’t a stranger to publications in health and wellness, she’s got over 16 books on the subject to her credit. And this book is more than just a healthy, delicious read. With their combined experience, they’ve taken a popular subject and treated it with so much much than just recipes and healthy tidbits. This book is chockfull of heart-healthy research-based advice directed with focus on wellness through integrating Greek yogurt into a healthy lifestyle. It contains so many tools for managing your weight (and keeping your health in check) including:

  • 14 Day meal plan
  • A chart for body measurements
  • Physical Activity Goals
  • A food diary

It provides the essentials to healthy weight management and shows you how to incorporate intake of Greek yogurt into your daily diet. Not every meal contains Greek yogurt, but everyday on the included 14 day meal plan shows just how creative and tasty your recipes can be when you include Greek yogurt, with quick thumb reference to the recipe by indicating the page. It extolls the importance and virtues of water intake and takes you step by step into a healthier lifestyle.

What is really delightful about the book is that Dr. Ruder and Ms. Brielyn discuss the significance of Greek yogurt and how it can effectively be used for weight loss. Not just as a convenient, tasty “dairy food”, you can fit into a healthy diet, but also a high protein, gut-healing source of fuel that nourishes and satisfies. The include research and evidence to back their claims and provide useful tips for selecting, storing and using Greek yogurt. As you know, not all yogurts are created equal so they are careful to include specs to look for in choosing a healthy brand. (And if you are making it yourself – of course there is a recipe for that.)

You probably know by now that Greek yogurt isn’t just for snacking or dessert, it can help cut the fat in dishes by substitutions of creams, mayonnaise and butters, for both sweet and savory dishes. And what better way to showcase so many amazing and delicious Greek yogurt dishes than to include some fabulous foodie bloggers recipes in addition to her own. If you didn’t know, Dr. Sonali has quite a talent for cooking – she’s competed on the Food Network and has since enrolled in the Institute of Culinary Education to further her skills – in the blogosphere, she is known as The Foodie Physician where she matches her clinical background and desire to lead good health with delicious, inspiring meals — meeting at “healthy can be delicious!” And this book certainly serves her mission.

I highly recommend this book!

Click her to order your copy: The Greek Yogurt Diet
To learn more about Dr. Sonali Ruder, visit her site, The Foodie Physician and be sure to check out  Jo Brielyn’s Bio and books on Amazon

5 thoughts on “The Greek Yogurt Diet #BookReview

  1. I love using Greek yougrt in some many dishes, especially as a substitute for sour cream, cream, and making a cream cheese-like product (yogurt cheese) for spreading and dipping. It’s a great addition to a pancake batter (acts like buttermilk), too. Cant wait to read it!

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