Why I love #hint and a refreshing new #GIVE-AWAY

Grab-n-go seems to be my life these days with two small girls. I’m often running out the door, quickly getting my girls ready for school (or now that it’s summer, day camp — so still getting out the door by 8am) and then myself off to the gym. No time to return home and fill up a water bottle. A great solution: HINT!!



Sure I can prep the night before – by filling a thermos. Or remember to do it first thing. But if I’ve simply forgotten, I can easily grab a bottle of HINT water and go! I can hydrate conveniently where-ever I go. Yep, simply grab-n-go!  And if I really want something refreshing, I can store some bottles in the refrigerated for some extra cool satisfaction on those hot summer days!


1546247_10202356688572214_1261682036_nI don’t drink sodas – the carbonation makes my eyes water and besides I like to hydrate with fresh, clean water. Juices are too full of sugars and unless it’s freshly squeezed lemonade (a once in a while treat), I prefer to quench my thirst with good ole natural water. When I work out, it’s easy to stay hydrated because it makes me thirsty. Other times I’d like to have something with a little flavor, not too sweet and NOT full of additives. Here’s why I say YES to HINT!! (and why I feel okay about giving this to my girls):

HINT is simply Purified Water w/ just a hint of flavor:

• no sugars

• no preservatives, no additives

• no artificial sweeteners

• natural flavors are from Non-GMO plants!

You can learn more + get hint at home at https://www.drinkhint.com/



HINT has some exciting NEW FLAVORS: Crisp Apple, Blackberry, Watermelon and Blood Orange. My fave?: Crisp Apple, without a doubt. It’s so refreshing and I love the crisp flavor. ENTER my GIVE-AWAY for a chance to try them for yourself.

Here’s what you’ll get – a 12 pack Variety of Crisp Apple, Blackberry, Watermelon and Blood Orange. Enter NOW! It’s simple. Just CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW for more details!









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