Trail Blaze Bars GIVE-AWAY!! Enter Now 4 Valentines!

It’s time for  our **GIVE-AWAY**!! And a BIG ONE surely in taste. Feast your eyes on this then ENTER the Give-Away (see options below).


VALENTINES DAY is almost here!

Wouldn’t you or your Sweet-heart (or should I say you and your Sweet-tooth) love to sink your teeth into these?!

Want to win a package of these yummy nutrient-dense Trail Blaze Bars?! They’re rich in dark chocolate – lots of flavonoids (that’s antioxidant power to the MMMmmm-th) and dec’d with Zeazanthan -rich (that’s antioxidant protection for the eyes) Goji Berries, and fiber-boosting Turkish Apricots and raisins. Let’s not forget the healthy fats and antioxidant vits/minerals from those heart-healthy nuts. So that’s one power packed bar! And you only need a little for chocolate satisfaction, but it’s so good you’ll wanna share (or maybe not, lol!)

Here’s what Bree** has to say about her Trail Blaze Bars: “What I really love about chocolate… it’s such a great thing especially for people needing a mood boost. It scientifically effects your cerebral cortex or “pleasure center” in the brain.” Check out her guest post.

**Briana Lowensohn (aka Bree) is the founder/owner of Breezy’s Love Bites. She makes all her confections with 100% love and uses organic ingredients, fair trade cocoa and the best of her culinary skills – she is a trained chef, a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu. You can buy her confections online or purchase directly at Love Birds cafe in Pasadena.


  1. Comment below.
  2.  You Get 1 entry per each of the following options:

Winner to be Announced on Valentines Day! So you’ve got something special to look forward to – even after the Special Day! ; )

Q: How do you enjoy dark Chocolate?

I love it with fruits-n-nuts (like this Trail Blaze Bar) but also really enjoy dark chocolate and strawberries.

18 thoughts on “Trail Blaze Bars GIVE-AWAY!! Enter Now 4 Valentines!

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  2. These must be my absolute favorite snack, equally with dark chocolate tarte.
    We call them “chocolat mandiants” in France.
    A little tip: Roasting the nuts for a couple of minutes before putting them in the chocolate enhance their flavor

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