Breezy Love Bites’ Trail Blaze Bars

Today’s recipe treat is by my friend Briana (aka Breezy) owner and creator of Breezy’s Love Bites. I had the opportunity to try her fair trade cocoa infused caramels, caramel popcorn and this delicious fruit-n-nut chocolate treat! ** Comment below if you are interested in a GIVE-AWAY. With enough interest — we can surely make this happen!! **


What I love about Breezy’s Love Bites is that they are made from fine, quality ingredients, mostly organic, including Fair Trade cocoa and chocolate. Sure these are candy and should therefore be considered a treat in moderation. But it’s great to know that her confections can be custom-made to fit your dietary needs (ie Gluten Free and Vegan).

Have you read my Nutri-Savvy 3 bite rule? Don’t deprive, but do exercise control and moderation — so you can Savor, Taste and Enjoy!

HERE’s  BREEZY’s WONDERFUL Trail Blaze Bar treats! You can enjoy making these yourself or conveniently buy her delicious confections from her online store. (Hint: It’s almost Valentines Day) Check out her other tasty treats at

Rich with flavor and antioxidants,

Introducing: Breezy’s “Trail Blaze Bars”!

recipe by Briana Loewinsohn

  • About 1 cup Dark Chocolate Chips (Fair Trade)
  • About 1/2 cup mixed nuts
  • 9 or so apricots (Turkish is my fav)
  • Golden or regular raisins
  • Goji berries (optional-great miracle berry, and is sold in bulk quite often)
  • 1/4 cup of LOVE :)
Prep time 20 to 40 Min.

Prep 3 tin foil molds by creating a shallow rectangle or square , be mindful of the aluminium foil and it’s sharp edges. Set aside without greasing.
In a small pot heat about 1 1/2 cups of water over a high flame, place on top of that a glass, ceramic or metal bowl, be sure not to allow the bottom of the bowl to make contact with the water. This is now your double boiler, place about two small handfuls of fair trade chocolate chips or chopped chocolate bars in the bowl and stir with flame placed on low until melted ….yes, you may heat the chocolate in a glass bowl in the microwave and take out and spin with a rubber spatula every 10 seconds until melted but microwaves are terrible for us and the environment. If you desire a shiny appearance and a nice snap to your chocolate bars, you may google “tempering”. If it does not matter then just follow these basic steps, they’ll still be delicious.

Grab your 3 molds and place your 6-10 mixed nuts in the bottom. Then take you melted chocolate and soon over as neatly as possible creating a thin layer covering the nuts. Then place 2-3 turkish (or standard) apricots on top in a decorative way then do the same with golden or regular raisins add about 4-6, then lastly add goji berries (IF DESIRED) 4-6 little berries is plenty. Be sure to very carefully press the fruits into the melted chocolate just a bit. Sprinkle a just a little teensy bit of pink himalayan sea salt on top of each bar. Transfer your prepped bars (still inside molds) to a small cutting board of flat surface and place in freezer for about 20 min worth of stretching :) Once they’re all “set” remove from freezer check for any foil stuck on…lt defrost and enjoy as soon as possible! If you plan to store it, you can keep it cool or room temp, just make sure that it’s NOT cold whilst eating it. It tastes much better at room temperature.

Nutritional Information (1/3 bar):
  • 220 calories
  • 14 grams fat (healthier fats from cocoa butter and nuts)
  • 14 grams of sugar
  • 21 grams of carbs
  • 4 grams of protein
  • A source of Vitamin A, Calcium, iron and vitamin C and other antioxidants and trace minerals (in the pink salt)

Q: Who wants to win some  Breezy’s Love Bites??

**Note: This is not an official Give-Away (yet). 

All confections are handmade with love by Breezy
Breezy”s Love Bites are handmade in small batches, using only the finest ingredients. When feasible, we source local (California) and mostly organic ingredients, and use Fair Trade chocolate and cocoa. We are passionate about using quality ingredients to produce superior results. You will appreciate our efforts. Breezy’s understands so many of us have sensitive diets and we offer many confections gluten free and vegan. Most of our delights can be custom-made to accommodate your diet upon request.

VISIT the site here

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