Dietiting is out this New Years

Got a Resolution? Forget about dieting. Chances are you’ll kick off to a great start only to dwindle a couple of weeks down the road. Why? Researchers suggest that is because it is only seen as temporary. This recent study shows that dieting may only set you up for failure.

So if dieting is out, what’s IN? Check out these great ideas that will help you build your healthy lifestyle plan:

A back-to-basics Approach!

Exercise doesn’t have to be time-consuming or strenuous. It can be simple and done in short increments throughout the day. Try Thin In 10! A simplified approach to fitting in exercise (and a healthy diet regimen) into your lifestyle. Check out some great exercises tailored to your level of fitness and the Thin In 10 Meal Plan developed by yours truly (me!) to help you stay on track.

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A Registered Dietitian

A trained health professional can help you:

1) set your goals,

2) follow a realistic plan you can stick with (for the long-term) and

3) keep you on track.

Here are some more good reasons you to include a Registered Dietitian in your long-term plan.

So, if weight loss is your desire, embark on a lifestyle change. That doesn’t mean you need to change everything at once. (Small changes over time can add up.) But it does mean that you’ll need to consider factors you can live with for the long-term, rather than seeking out quick fixes or a temporary plan. As a registered dietitian, I can assist you with helpful tools, help you shape your goals and work with you  to achieve the desired results – a leaner, fitter body with more energy (and less bloat).

Contact me directly at

Have a Happy Healthi-licious New Year! 


Lauren O’Connor, MS, RD (Nutri-Savvy Health Coach)!

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