Get em’ Eating Healthy

By Allison Brooks, guest blogger

Make foods that are healthy, fun for kids!

It sure can be difficult to get kids to eat healthy. Many parents today often complain that their kids only want to eat the same rather unhealthy foods over and over each day, and these are foods like chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, and more.

By making eating fun for kids and including healthy ingredients in those foods, you can encourage your children to start eating healthy today. Many kids will continue to follow eating habits established in their younger years throughout their lives, and these fun ideas can help you to get your kids off to a healthier start:

Frozen Fruit Popsicles

Kids sure do love popsicles, but often the frozen treats found in grocery stores are sugar-filled and loaded with empty calories. You can create your own frozen treats at home with the use of your blender, some fresh fruit, and low-fat or non-fat yogurt. You can control the flavors of the frozen treats you make, ensuring your kids get flavors they will enjoy. Plus, you can control the nutritional content in these treats, too. If you don’t have a popsicle tray at home, you can consider making smaller treats using a basic ice cube tray.

Homemade Pizzas

It’s no surprise that the pizza you order from that pizza shop down the street is loaded with fats and inflated with extra calories kids don’t need. Further, while kids may argue that they contain all of the major food groups, there is little nutritional value in your average pizza. Yet when you make your own pizza from scratch using fresh veggies, lean meats, and low fat or fat-free cheese, you can make a far healthier version of this kid favorite. As a fun alternative, you can have your kids help in the kitchen and make fun mini-pizzas.

Sloppy Joes

Many kids love sloppy joes because they are just so sloppy and fun to eat. Yet as a parent, you see the fatty grease in these sandwiches and know there isn’t anything healthy about them. By changing up a few simple ingredients, however, you can make these favorite sandwiches far healthier. Consider using whole wheat buns and lean ground turkey while preparing them. Add in some finely chopped mushrooms, tomatoes, and cucumbers to the meat mixture, and use sugar-free chili sauce, barbecue sauce, or ketchup for the sauce.

These ideas allow kids to continue eating those fun foods they enjoy, but in an altogether healthier way!

Though these ideas are intended to get your young ones eating healthy, these recipes are also meant for adults and branch off into other communities. A few of the recipes were even pulled from cancer treatment facilities’ cookbooks. Nurses made these books because patients refused to eat the bland hospital food which didn’t help with recovery. Healthy spinoffs everyday food was the key to getting people to eat, and reducing the stress. Nurses claimed that patients with a lower life-expectancy would sometimes refuse to eat but when offered homey foods, they saw a spark in them.

About the author: 

“My name is Allison Brooks and I am a fresh on the scene biomedical anthropologist. I travel a lot to Bolivia to study the effects of biomedicalization on their culture. Through my studies, I have been getting into nutrition and natural health, so on my off –time I like to guest blog for people to spread the word.”

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